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Anemia and Amway Products BY AJ

Anemia and Suggeted Amway Products
Anemia and Amway Products
Anemia – The great danger for women and children
Anemia means lack of oxygenated blood in the body found mostly pregnant women and Children.
The Symptoms of this is :
• paleness in appearance
• paleness of the eyelids
• paleness in the skin
• paleness in the lips
• paleness of the nails in fingers
• paleness of gums
• Brittled hair
• Over respiration
• Spoon-shaped fingernails due to less Iron
• yellowish eyes
• yellowish in face texture

Reasons of Anemia
It is caused by the lack of Oxygen in the blood cells. The real cause is lack of Iron which is the important component in the blood. A lack of proteins, Iron Folic acid, C, B6, B12 Vitamins is also the other causes of Anemia.

Results of Anemia
If this condition continues in an individual life, especially for pregnant ladies may fatal to death of both. So immediate action taken will solve and save the dangers

Requiring Amway products for Anemia are
for pregnant Women and Adults
1. Nutrilite Iron Folic acid tabs 2 per day
2. Nutrilite Protein powder 2 times
3. Nutrilite Daily 1 per day
4. Nutrilite Cal Mag 3 per day

for Children below 12 years

1.Kids chewable 1 per day
2.Kids Drink 2 or 3 times per day

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