Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Artistry Moisture Rich Protective Moisturiser BY AJ

Artistry Moisture Rich Protective Moisturiser with SPF 15

A rich, hydrating moisturiser that comforts & replenishes even the driest skin.

* Product Description

Artistry Moisture Rich Protective Moisturiser with SPF 15 is a clinically proven, emollient rich crème that hydrates & protects skin, helping reduce collagen breakdown, formation of wrinkles & loss of elasticity caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays. It contains SPF 15 UVB, UVA Sunscreens, to help protect your skin form sun damage. It contains Artistry Hydrolipid Matrix.

* Benefits

Clinaically proven to controal dryness for upto 12 hours after one application.
Helps reduce the thinning of skin,loss of elasticity,collagen breakdown & formation of wrinkles.
Clinically proven to improve skin clarity, treat fine lines & hydrates skin.
Non comedogenic/non acnegenic (Won’t clog pores & won’t promote Acne).
Dermatologically & allergy tested.

* Use Instruction

After using Artistry Moisture Rich Vitalising Cleanser & Artistry Moisture Rich refreshing Toner, smooth gently over face & neck area. Avoid getting directly into eyes. To achieve SPF 15 protection, apply librerally 15-30 minutes before sun exposure.

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