Monday, June 15, 2009

ARTISTRY™ Pure White Line Revision Launch BY AQEEBJAVED

I was at the ARTISTRY™ Pure White Line Revision Launch last night. The launch started at 6 p.m. at the Amway Brand Experience Center in Makati. As I entered the reception area, a sea of white greeted me as the invitation stated to come in your best white attire.

The event talked about the role of melanin in the skin. I'm not going to bore you with the educational details but basically, it explains how melanin is not an enemy because it actually helps diminish the damage caused by harmful rays of the sun and detoxifies the activated oxygen produced during exposure. But excess melanin produces dark spots in the skin so what we need is a balance of melanin levels, lest our skin gets easily damaged. Whitening products help achieve and maintain that balance.

Whitening is one of the most complex, technology oriented products in the skin care industry. Many brands are competing to provide advanced technology in their whitening products to appeal to customers. This is because most Asian women have longed for a whiter and lighter complexion, resulting in a strong demand for whitening products.

Pure White is more effective and more beautiful than ever before! The key technology incorporated into the new Pure White formulations has been carefully designed to provide natural white beauty achieved through a holistic, balanced approach to whitening - a revolutionary ARTISTRY™ approach that is patent-pending. The whitening regimen is holistic because all products work synergistically to prevent, treat and protect the skin from skin discolouration. As you use new Pure White to reduce the melanin within the skin, the products will prevent and protect your skin from the formulation of excess melanin. Balance will be restored within the skin.

The New Pure White will satisfy customers' expectations and will prove to be competitive in the market because of its overall improvement. The SPF factor of the Pure White Moisturizer has also increased from SPF15 to SPF20. The packaging has also improved, and now comes in subtle curves, with a pearl-like, glowing finish.

At first I thought that the prices were a bit expensive. The Pure White Cleanser costs P1,760, the Toner, Moisturizer, and Night Creme costs P2,240 each and the Pure White Essence costs P2,690. But when they showed the price comparison among the 5 top skin care brands which also includes Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique and Chanel, it was ARTISTRY™ that has the most affordable prices. The Pure White Essence priced at P2,690 was far cheaper compared to its similar product by Lancome which is priced at about P4,500 and Estee Lauder's which is priced at about P5,350. And yet, when comparing the formulations and the ingredients inlcuded in each product, ARTISTRY™ had more to offer than the rest of the 4 brands.

By the way, all products of Artistry has a 90 day money-back guarantee. I guess that's how certain and confident they are in their products' quality.


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