Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wonderful Grooming Products For Beautiful Men From Amway BY AQEEBJAVED

Dynamite Disposable Razor(Single)
Dynamite Disposable Razors (Pack of 10)

Dynamite Disposable Razor gives a clean look,
safely and smartly. Dynamite Razor has sharp
blades that do not catch the skin along with the hairs of the bread.

SKU #: 231244ID
MRP: 159.00 INR

Description of the Product :

Dynamite range now offers a complete shaving experience.
Dynamite Disposable Razor is the new dynamic product in
your Dynamite shaving kit. The swivel head of Dynamite
Razor ensures lesser nicks and cuts, while its twin
blades ensure a close shave. Enriched with Vitamin E,
its lubricating strip provides the much needed moisture
to your skin. This handy product comes in a pack of 10 razors, each razor
providing you with many convenient and smooth shaves.


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