Friday, June 12, 2009

LOC High Suds- Liquid Organic Cleaner for all cleaning purposes

LOC High Suds 1L

LOC High Suds is World's Most Versatile Multi-purpose Cleaner which can clean any washable

surface from floors to dishes to clothes. Put it to work in the kitchen or garage or for hundreds of

other home cleaning purposes.

* Product Description

1. L.O.C. is a unique surfactant blend, which can be used to mop floors (Marble, Vinyl, Granite etc.),

to clean sinks, worktops (Porcelain & Ceramic), moulded plastic furniture, polished wooden fittings

and varnished surfaces.
2. It also removes stains from washable surfaces, launder washable daily-use fabrics and wash utensils.
3. This India's one and only multipurpose cleaner contains coconut oil derivatives, making it gentle

and mild on hands.

* Use Instruction
1. For floor cleaning: Use 3ml of LOC per litre of water
2. For hard surface cleaning: Use 6ml of LOC per litre of water
3. For hand washing clothes: Use 5ml of LOC per litre of water
4. For dishwashing: Use 1ml of LOC per litre of water


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