Friday, June 12, 2009

NUTRILITE™ Nutri Fiber Blend Chewable Tablets

There's a new product from NUTRILITE™, the world's leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements. Nutri Fiber Blend is a fiber supplement in a convenient chewable tablet form. Vertically integrated natural fiber ingredients combined with natural sweeteners offer a premium, effective and convenient fiber source.

According to the leading world health organizations, adults should get between 20 and 35 grams of fiber everyday. Most of us get nowhere near that amount. People who suffer from lack of fiber may experience symptoms such as constipation, acne, elevated cholesterol levels, headaches, hemorrhoids, chronically elevated liver enzyme systems, PMS and irritable bowel syndrome.

Nutri Fiber Blend Chewables offer an incredibly complicated but incredibly convenient blend of soluble and insoluble fibers - a blend of 13 naturally sourced fibers in all. Soluble fiber has been shown to aid in maintaining normal cholesterol levels that are already within normal range. Insoluble fiber aids in maintaining a healthy "gut" and promoting normal bowel regularity. Nutri Fiber Blend also has FOS, a type of dietary fiber that helps inhibit growth of harmful bacteria.

You can chew 1-3 tablets a day, with at least a full glass (250ml) of liquid with each tablet. With minimal effort, you can reach the maximum fiber levels your body needs to reach optimal health. If you wish to order, you can visit


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