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Nutrilite Ch-balance Demo BY AQEEBJAVED

Product Description

This green tea extract delivers catechins and theaflavins to help
maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal
30-day supply
60 softgels

Scientific research suggests that the unique combination of catechins and theaflavins in NUTRILITE®
Cholesterol Health prevents the cholesterol in the foods that we eat from being absorbed in the
gastrointestinal tract. Research also suggests that it encourages the liver to extract more cholesterol from the
bloodstream to make bile.

It just makes sense to protect your health today. You eat right. Exercise. Check in with your doctor every
year. And take NUTRILITE Cholesterol Health. It's a natural way to help keep your cholesterol right where you
want it – where it is right now.

Product Benefits
NUTRILITE® Cholesterol Health includes:
395 mg of green tea extract (40% catechins and 22.5 % theaflavins). Scientific evidence suggests that the
combination of catechins and theaflavins in NUTRILITE Cholesterol Health functions differently than catechins
and theaflavins alone.
The caffeine equivalent of only 1.38 fl. oz. (about 8 teaspoons) of brewed coffee.
Standardized ingredients and extracts that deliver high phytonutrient levels. Because Nutrilite scientists have
been growing, harvesting, and processing plant nutrients since the 1930s, they know how to preserve and
deliver these ingredients.
No added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Advisories and Precautions
Children under 12 years of age, pregnant women or nursing mothers, or anyone with a medical condition
should consult with a physician before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.

Nutritional Information
NUTRILITE® Cholesterol Health Nutritional Information

Product Demos
The cholesterol-binding properties of NUTRILITE® Cholesterol Health
This demonstration illustrates how the combination of theaflavins and catechins found in NUTRILITE
Cholesterol Health binds to cholesterol in the foods we eat, interfering with its absorption into the
bloodstream. Theaflavins and catechins are polyphenols, a type of plant nutrient extracted from tea leaves.

this is cholesterol-binding effect is something that catechins or theaflavins alone do not produce; the
combination of the two is important.

Caution: The success of this demonstration requires that the directions and measurement of materials are
followed carefully. For the purpose of making the demonstration more easily visible in a large meeting room,
the procedure may be multiplied proportionally: 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) of egg yolk in 12 oz. of water, for

1 fresh raw egg, any size
Tap water, room temperature
1 NUTRILITE Cholesterol Health softgel
2 8-oz. or 12-oz. clear bottles or jars with lids; tall, skinny ones work best
Small bowl for mixing egg yolk
1 teaspoon-size measuring spoon
Knife or sharp scissors
Paper towels
Measuring cup


1. Prepare the egg yolk: Break the egg gently in half, holding the yolk in half the shell and letting the white
flow away. Tip the yolk from shell-half to shell-half to get rid of as much white as possible. Drop the egg yolk
into the small bowl and mix well.

2.Prepare the cholesterol solution: Pour one-half cup (4 oz.) water into each of the two bottles or jars. Add
one teaspoon of broken egg yolk to each of the bottles, cap them, and shake them vigorously, making a light
yellow solution.

3. Add NUTRILITE Cholesterol Health: Pierce one Cholesterol Health capsule and squeeze its contents into
one of the jars. Place the lid on and shake vigorously until the oily Cholesterol Health formula dissolves. Do
not add anything to the other bottle. It's to show the difference between the two jars.
4. Observe the cholesterol-binding effect: After 15 to 30 minutes, two layers of precipitate will be
observed in the bottom of the bottle with NUTRILITE Cholesterol Health. The dark-colored bottom layer is non-
dissolved Cholesterol Health formula. The second, lighter-colored layer above it is the egg yolk cholesterol
bound by Cholesterol Health theaflavins and catechins.

5. Explain that we believe this demonstration of cholesterol-binding action resembles the action
of NUTRILITE Cholesterol Health in the body: We believe NUTRILITE Cholesterol Health binds to cholesterol
in the foods we eat. The result is that "bound" cholesterol passes through the intestines and out of the body,
instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream.

More Info
NUTRILITE® Cholesterol Health More Info

Use Instructions
Take 2 softgels a day, with a meal.

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