Saturday, June 13, 2009

Persona Classic Toothbrush BY AQEEBJAVED

Persona Classic Toothbrush

Persona Classic Toothbrush was launched as the first version of Persona toothbrush. The sleek and slim looks of it won many hearts and cleaned many mouths and now it is back in action with its Accu- Pressure Wave Technology.
* Product Description

Welcome the slim and sleek looks of new and attractive Classic Family Toothbrush with a big smile! This lighter toothbrush has a comfortable grip and a special Accu-Pressure Point Technology that ensures optimal cleaning control and gently massages gums without causing pain or bleeding. The non-slip grip and angled design ensure that the brush slides easily between teeth and effectively removes food and plaque that remain between the teeth after meals. This combination of classical looks and contemporary features makes it more in demand. This formula of oral hygiene with great features and attractive looks is available at pocket friendly price.


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